What Are the Top Signs and Causes for
Needing Gutter Repair?

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Do you suspect something is wrong with your current gutter system? Signs that there is a problem with your gutters and you may need gutter repair include overflowing gutters, rotten window sills, stains on siding near gutters, and probably the most common one and easiest to notice on any given day – excess erosion of the earth below your gutters.

Causes for needing gutter repair

Causes for needing gutter repair can be that the slope of the gutter isn’t right. A seam may have slipped or bent awkwardly and changed the flow of water through your gutter system and away from your home. There are now seamless gutter options available which are highly recommended. One such option offered by us here at Mathis Home Improvements, Inc is K-Style gutters and gutter guard. If the cause of your gutter repair is instability from the last gutters installed on your home, we recommend you try this seamless option or another beautiful option from our showroom to match your home.

It’s possible that your home is missing gutters in the first place. The impact of this will be seen from the ground up as already mentioned. When inspecting for the condition of your home and gutter repair needs, the same philosophy applies. We’ll start by checking the soil, nearby landscaping, and foundation for signs of erosion or cracks. And don’t forget, we do more than installing and repairing gutters now. We can help you with any other home improvement needs whether or not they are related to your concerns about gutters and gutter repair on your home.