Questions to Ask Yourself Before Replacing Your Windows

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If you have an older property, you probably have some of the charming features that go along with it! However, you might also have some of the less-than-desirable features of an older home, as well, like old windows or wiring. Here at Mathis Home Improvements, Inc., we would like to discuss a little bit about your old windows. If you are considering replacing your windows for newer ones, here are a few questions to ask yourself before you decide to do so.

considering replacing your windows for newer ones

  • “How long am I going to stay here– realistically?” One of the perks of new windows is being able to reap energy savings. However, if you are only going to stay in your current home for a year or two, the investment might not have long enough to grow and repay you. Before replacing your windows, ask yourself how long you are truly and realistically planning to stay in the property.
  • “Do I need to replace all the windows?” If you want some newer windows no matter the length of time you are going to stay at the property, then replacing just some of them might do the trick. Replacing the oldest, most worn-down or draftiest of the bunch can work wonders.
  • “It is in my budget to do it right?” One of the biggest things you’ll need to do with new windows is make sure you do the job right. Putting cheaper windows into a classical, nice home is going to make everything feel less high-end. Unless your budget can make the upgrades necessary, stick to the older windows.

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