How to Find a General Contractor

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Whether you are building a new home, or renovating an existing home, having a professional and trustworthy general contractor is a must. The process of hiring a general contractor can be a bit daunting, so our team of experts has provided a few simple tips.  Check out the article below for some professional advice on how to find a general contractor.

How to Find a General Contractor

  • Do Your Research. Before hiring the first general contractor you come into contact with, the best practice is to do as much research as possible ahead of time. Hop online and check out the websites, reviews, testimonials and more of the contractors you are considering. While doing your research, you want to find general contractors who have all of the proper licenses, insurance, certifications and trainings needed.
  • Hire Local. While we realize this is not always a possibility, hiring a general contractor from your local area will make the job much easier.
  • Ask a Friend. Before hiring a general contractor, ask your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues if they have any general contractors that they would recommend. This is a great way to get an inside look at the pricing, quality of work, and general opinion of possible contractors.
  • Get a Quote. When selecting a general contractor, do not be afraid to ask for a quote or bid on your project. It is very helpful to get a few quotes and compare the pricing. This can help you to find the best price for the work.  Many general contractors will draft a quote free of charge.