Four Reasons a Room Bump-Out is a Worthy Investment

HomeBlogFour Reasons a Room Bump-Out is a Worthy Investment

One of the hardest parts of homeownership is living in a space that doesn’t grow with you. When this happens, you may feel like the walls are starting to close in. If you can’t stand that cramped, restrictive feeling at home any longer, a room bump-out may be the solution you need.

Four Reasons a Room Bump-Out is a Worthy Investment

Here are four reasons why you won’t regret investing in this home improvement:

  1. It’s Cost-Effective. Compared to a home addition, a room bump-out is a smaller, more affordable option. This is great, particularly if you’re running on a tight budget but need some extra space urgently. Depending on its size, a bump-out can be cantilevered from the main structure, meaning you won’t need costly foundation work either. Focusing the home improvement on one area also keeps the construction costs manageable.
  2. Minimal Exterior Changes. Unlike a major addition, a room bump-out only slightly alters the home’s original footprint and facade. The change is targeted rather than overhauling the entire look. As a result, your home will get roomier without drastic exterior modifications.
  3. Add the Space You Need. Even gaining a couple of feet through a bump-out bay window can make a dramatic difference. The small-scale expansion prevents wasting space and gives you functional, extra square footage. Plus, the choice of how big you want to go is yours!
  4. Improved Spatial Flow. A room bump-out can do wonders, opening up confined spaces and smoothing out awkward dimensions. It breaks up boxed-in areas by improving circulation and natural lighting, which brings the extra benefit of refreshing the whole interior.

A well-designed room bump-out will give you the extra elbow room your family needs without the hassle of a large-scale addition. Here at Mathis Home Improvements, Inc., we can help you with that. Contact us today to discuss whether a room bump-out is right for your planned home improvement project.