Enjoy the Aesthetic of Your Very Own Patio Room Enclosure

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Patio room enclosuresEnjoy the Aesthetic of Your Very Own Patio Room Enclosure come in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs and your home. Whether you want a sunroom complete with heated flooring to foster a tropical area for your plants or a screen room to be outdoors without the bother of insects – we are happy to help design your patio room enclosure. Patio room enclosures are popular for entertaining or relaxing outside the main home areas all on your own.

If you are looking to add an addition onto your home for entertaining, outdoor movies, a spa area, or a safe place for the kids to play – a patio room enclosure is not only a great choice, but a smart financial move as well. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to make an addition to your home, usually to the back or side of the house, somewhere a large porch already exists as part of your foundation.

Patio room enclosures can be enclosed with screening material, glass, plastic, or insulated materials that allow for a thermostat to effectively control the temperature of your new addition and give you use for all four seasons of the year. We are able to provide the design and construction for any feature you could want from a patio room enclosure for your home – lighting, seating, privacy walls of any type, connecting stairs, or even a platform base for a hot tub. Patio room enclosures are the most cost-effective way to customize an addition to your home by Mathis Home Improvements, Inc.