A Word About Choosing Gutter Guards

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Here at Mathis Home Improvements, Inc., installing gutters was where we began. For over 20 years now, we have made a reputation of choosing only the best and most reliable gutter systems available. We are happy to consult with you on your home’s gutter needs. We also encourage you to stop by our showroom to see an enormous selection of quality gutter options, including gutters with gutter guards, available to you.

couple of options for gutter guards

The purpose of gutters on each and every home are to intentionally direct water away from your home and any places where water runoff could cause unwanted erosion, wear-and-tear, or damage. Removal of organic materials like leaves and pine needles can be a time-consuming hassle. You don’t want to have to worry about water damage to your home from clogs causing otherwise perfectly good gutters to fail. That’s why we are proud to offer the patented, 5-inch, leaf proof Gotcha Covered gutter guards system, which has a crown molding appearance and comes in as many as 50 color choices. It is available in copper or heavy duty gauge aluminum. Copper is extremely durable in any climate, since it doesn’t rust.

The gutters and gutter guards will be made onsite to ensure a perfect fit. We further improve the quality of this option with Buildex screws and patent-pending hangers every two feet. This is a gutter system we are delighted to have backed by a lifetime (transferable!) no-clog warranty.