3 Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

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Gutters are a vital part of a home. They help to prevent decay, foundation issues, mold, and erosion. But they can only do their important job if they are installed correctly and functioning properly. If your gutters are damaged, old, or clogged, they won’t be able to do their job. There are several signs that are good indications that you need gutter replacement. Gutter replacement is important to take care of as soon as you notice any of these signs:

1.   Peeling Paint – If you notice that the paint on your home is peeling it is likely due to your gutters not functioning how they should. If you notice peeling paint in more than one area, then we recommend gutter replacement and not repair.

3 Signs You Need Gutter Replacement

2.   Seam Leaks and Gaps – The seams where two pieces of gutter meet are the weak points of your gutter system. If you notice that there is a gap between two pieces or that water leaks through a seam, then it is time for a gutter replacement. The best option for you is to install seamless gutters.

3.   Mildew – If you are noticing unsightly and smelly mildew in your home that is below ground level, then it is likely that your gutters are not functioning how they should and are allowing too much water and moisture to accumulate around your home.

If you have noticed any one of these signs, then it is time for a gutter replacement. We do not recommend waiting to have your gutters replaced as it gives time for damage to begin on your home.